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    1. Items of Personal Information to be Collected
    BioSolvix collects the following personal information for purposes such as membership registration, consultation, and service requests
    ■ Company name, name, department, position, postal code, address, phone number, fax, mobile phone number, email. Additionally, during the process of using our services or conducting business, the following information may be generated and collected
    ■ User’s browser type and operating system, search terms, IP address, visit timestamp, service usage records, access logs, cookies, and IP address information.
    2. Purposes of Collecting and Using Personal Information
    BioSolvix utilizes the collected personal information for the following purposes
    ■ Membership management, including user identification, personal identification, prevention of fraudulent or unauthorized usage, verification of user intentions, registration and registration limits, confirmation of legal guardian consent for collecting personal information of minors under 14, future legal guardian identity confirmation, record retention for dispute resolution, complaint handling, notification of important information.
    ■ Marketing and advertising purposes, including providing information about non-clinical trials conducted by BioSolvix and marketing materials, confirming the effectiveness of our services, monitoring visit frequency, generating statistics on member service usage, advertising information dissemination such as events.
    3. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information
    In principle, personal information is destroyed without delay after the purpose of collecting and using the information has been achieved. However, certain information is retained for the following reasons
    - Reasons for Information Retention per Internal Policy
    ■ User ID: Retention Reason: Prevention of service confusion, Retention Period: 1 year
    - Reasons for Information Retention per Relevant Laws
    Records related to self-identification: Retention Reason: Information and Communications Network Act, Retention Period: 6 months
    ■ records concerning identification
    Reason for Preservation: Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Use and Information Protection, etc
    Preservation period: 6 months
    ■ Records related to visits
    - Retention Reason: Protection of Communications Secrets Act
    - Retention Period: 3 months
    ■ Personal information storage and deletion
    For users who have withdrawn, BioSolvix will separately store the information for the period stipulated by relevant laws and regulations and destroy it after one year. We will also provide guidance via email 30 days prior to deletion.
    ■ Relevant Laws
    Information and Communications Network Act, Article 29-2, Enforcement Decree, Article 16
    ■ Person in Charge of Personal Information Handling
    - Manager: Park WooHyun
    - TEL: 070-4001-0512
    - Email:

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